I can qualify 6 balls and run 5 for a while.

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Adam Hellman -

I can qualify 6 balls and run 5 for a while. I have been working on my backcrosses for a long time now(balls and clubs) I seem to have alot of issues doing 2 in a row. One drill I work on alot is have one ball always be a backcross so you have one back Cross 2 normal and it repeats. I can run this for a while but Right when I try to make 2 in a row it take way more attempts than I think it should. Often I will hit my back or just have a horrible throw. Does anyone have and tips or drill for me to work on to try to get better?

Thanks for the help!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

It's hard to help without seeing the backcross, but one thing that could cause the problem:
Many people move their body around to make space for the backcross. This works fine when doing backcrosses on one side only, but not when connecting opposite side throws. Try to keep as much as possible a neutral body & shoulder position when doing backcrosses, maybe this will help you.
Good luck!

Adam Hellman - - Parent

Ok I will give it a shot!


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