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Vincent Groenhuis -

Hi! I'm Vincent, a member of CatchUp, a juggling association in Enschede, The Netherlands.
CatchUp is organizing the HJW, which will take place from August 6-8, 2021. Chances are quite high that the event will actually take place! Volleyclub and Fight Night tournaments will also be held. Prereg will be open July 1st, full weekend price is €50.
Website: http://www.ejvcatchup.nl/wp/en/hjw-en/ . Please spread the word among your friends, thanks!

Vincent Groenhuis - - Parent

Oh, and I mostly do club passing. Started loooong time ago.

5balls - - Parent

Hi Vincent,

I'm Florian, I believe we have met at the last passout convention (did you have a full beard at that time?).
Will there be a registration form on the webpage when registration is open?
Or how does one register?

Thanks, I'm looking forward to this convention :)


5balls - - Parent

Nevermind, found the link :)


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