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The Circus society is a not a place for people who know how to juggle, it's a place where we teach people how to juggle. Of course we don't just teach people how to juggle, we teach them how to use there body in all kinds of creative ways they never thought possible. As well as juggling we cover a wide field of skills from hula-hoop and acrobatics to stilt walking and ariels. All these are are not only fun group activities to keep physically fit but juggling has also been shown to increase grey matter in the brain and is a great form of meditation. So we're all kept healthy in body and mind

In our first year in the college 04/05 we won Best New Society at the college awards and in our second year 05/06, we won Best Society at the college awards and went on to win Best Irish College Society at the national BICS awards. Our membership is in excess of 300 and this year we are getting between 30-40 members at our Tuesday session. We regularly take trips to national conventions and it's a great way to make friends all over the country, even all over the world! We try to work with many other societies in the college to make events bigger and better! It's also a great way to improve hand-eye co-ordination and get fit (juggling is a form of cardio-vascular exercise!). So if you wanna learn a new skill, make some great friends or get in shape, Circus Soc will help you out, just come along to any of our meetings

Here's a video link to three of our members doing there stuff. The guys are Pól O hAnrachain and two of the best friends he made in college and met through the Circus society. All of them started not knowing how to juggle and now look at them... no seriously look! Checkout the link.


Aras na MacLeinn, NUI Galway, Galway


This club closes for holidays. Please contact organisers before attending.

Tuesday & Thursday, 18:00






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