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Monte -

Don't worry, Bungay Balls Up is definitely happening.
Coming of age at 21 years old.

I was on BBC Radio Suffolk today being interviewed about it.
Juggling slot starts at 1hr 9 mins.

The best bit was the panic when the presenter dropped a satsuma on the mixing desk and wasn't sure what she had turned off.
You can also hear a loud clunk at one point when I hit myself on the head with a club. LOL.

The Void - - Parent

Good job, Monte. I'm a bit surprised you managed to go the whole thing without mentioning trebuchets though.

Is this really the first thread on this year's BBU? We're slacking, obviously.
All the usual excellent stuff is planned, and with several other conventions missing or time-shifted this year, that's all the more reason for you all to make the effort to head to Suffolk this May. See you all in a field!

Monte - - Parent

I didn't really get much time to talk about what we get up to at the Balls Up. No croquet, ping pong, board games or medieval siege weapons got a mention.
TBH, I don't think it will actually get us any new faces at this year's convention anyway. I'll try to remember to get Georgy to give us a plug nearer the time though.
Hopefully, some of the Broxford regulars will show up this year as they have no other full-length convention to go to. Be nice to see some of the old faces turn up.

kimoi -

I just got 99 catches with 5 balls. I thought I was finally gonna reach that 100 catch milestone but nah.. Ah well, that means my next PB will be 100 no matter what :D

Has anyone else had this happen with possibly something even worse?

Johnathan Mundell - - Parent

My 5 ball PB is so close to 500c but I only got 498c :(

Johnathan Mundell - - Parent

My 3 ring best is 14:50
My 4 ball best is 8:54
My 7 ring PB is 9c

CameronFord - - Parent

The first time I thought I was going to get 100 catches of 6 balls I got excited and dropped, ending up with 99 catches. It was my New Years resolution to get 100 catches and I had less than a week left when I got the 99.
The first time I thought I was going to get 100 catches of 7 balls I got excited and dropped, ending up with 99 catches.
Moral of the story - get excited after a long run, not during it!

Mike Moore - - Parent

About two years ago (I think?) I kept hitting a wall at about 160-170 catches of 7b. I'd progressed up to there at a rate that made me think the plateau after that was largely mental.

After a week or so, I decided to change the way I counted catches (from batches of 8 to batches of 16). I broke 200 catches three times that day!

It's Him -

Does everyone know that Broxford doesn't appear to be happening this year? I know some people don't use Facebook.
No explanation has been given.

Also Upchuck isn't happening either. In this case they couldn't get a committee of students together to organise it.


Richard Loxley - - Parent

With regard to Broxford, from the discussions on Facebook, it sounds like the main organisers are very busy with their own lives this year, and couldn't commit to the level of work required to make the convention happen.

It sounds like it may well just be a break, and it might return next year. But maybe too early to tell.

I'm currently contemplating what to do with my time in late summer/early autumn, since there will be no Broxford. I'm wondering about trying to get a few people together for a casual "juggler's holiday" instead.

There's a lovely campsite near the Peak District that a few of us have been to before, that seems very welcoming of groups, with lots of different areas, surrounded by trees and fields. There may even be some indoor space available for socialising. I'm going to do a bit of research to see if something like that might be possible. If anyone is interested in something like that, let me know :-)

It's Him - - Parent

I would be interested in a casual board gaming convention which was mainly open to jugglers. As long as it didn't do much in the mornings and there were no expectations for people to do any juggling. What my circumstances will be like at that time I couldn't say this far away.


Johnathan Mundell -

I have just gotten my second 9 ball flash! It is somewhat cleaner:

The Void - - Parent

Well done!

Johnathan Mundell - - Parent


Orinoco - - Parent


Are you aiming for a qualify or going to start on flashing a higher number?

Johnathan Mundell - - Parent


Johnathan Mundell - - Parent

Followed up with a 50% Increase for my 7 ball PB!

Daniel Simu - is about 1 year old

In 2019, 59 videos were featured and 249 were posted in total!

The site had about 6000 visits in 2019. That's a nice number, but I'd love for it to grow.

What do you think should be done to help people spread new juggling videos, and how could the juggling video community grow?

pumpkineater23 -

If there was a massive apocalyptic event, eg an asteroid or solar explosion that vaporised everything on Earth, and few humans managed to survive and then over a few thousand years or so, new civilizations emerged. What would be the best way to leave them a record of where jugging is in 2020? The Egyption wall paintings don't really give away much, other than they were juggling three balls. I assume digital info would be lost? Do you think some kind of wall painting/scribing? Encase books in some kind of material? How would you lay everything out so it could most easily be learned?

Orinoco - - Parent

Did you watch Doctor Who yesterday by any chance ;)

Are you aware of the Memory of Mankind project? Perhaps we could get the Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling inscribed on some tablets.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

I didn't see it. Last time I saw Dr Who Tom Baker was the Doctor!

I just looked at the MOM website - yes that's exactly what I was asking! Apparently the material will preserve for a million years. As I understand it, The Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling was printed in 1994. Is there a more up-to-date book I wonder? Juggling has progressed so much over the past 30 years.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

All this progress has been recorded in video format...

Mïark - - Parent

Are you tying to deny the apocalypse survivors the opportunity to be the first in many juggling things and be happy thinking they have discovered new tricks in juggling

david - - Parent

Cuneiform tablets have the best demonstrated survival time and are relatively easy to make at home.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Interesting. I was imagining the laborious process of chipping away at stone but of course, it could just be soft clay. Simple diagrams would be best I think? Two 'hands' and balls, similar looking to a siteswap animator. I like the idea of a kind of juggling stonehenge in the middle of a desert (that would remain above sea level).

pmdhazy -


I now run a small juggling club in Hertford (UK) somewhat unimaginatively named Hertford Juggling Club (originally called Whats Got 3? in previous decades) which would welcome any new members.

We are a friendly but dwindling crowd and would welcome some new faces.



The Void - - Parent

Welcome to The Edge!


Russ Sharek -

Hello All!

I have a small group that meets up regularly in Dallas, TX as part of the circus residency program I'm in. The first half of the twice-a-week meetup is a clown theater class, and the latter portion of the evening is open to all types of ground-based skill performers and players.

For more information:

juggles with wolves -

Hello, Raleigh jugglers here! We welcome jugglers of all skill levels and skill and have been meeting without interruption since the early 1980s. IJA membership not required but encouraged :-)
Due to the Martin Luther King Holiday, we will be meeting January 21, 2020 (Tuesday) same time, otherwise we meet every Monday.

Mïark - - Parent

Hi JwW,

Welcome to Juggling Edge.

You can mark on the Juggling Edge listing for your club any weeks it will not be meeting.

#NCStateJugglingClub - because everyone loves hashtags

Mike Moore - - Parent

> have been meeting without interruption since the early 1980s.

Wow! That's some staying power.

Mïark - - Parent

That is pretty impressive, which made me wonder which was the oldest juggling club.

Only a fifth of the 955 active juggling clubs listed on Juggling Edge have given their start date (or "Established date")

The oldest is Santelli in Netherlands which was established in 1962.

Years old . . . . No. of Clubs
50+ 2
40-49 8
30-39 18
25-29 17
20-24 13
15-19 11
10-14 19
5- 9 62
0- 4 31

Top Ten Oldest Juggling Clubs listed on Juggling Edge

  • 1. (58 years) Santelli
  • 2. (50 years) Oxford City Juggling Club
  • 3. (45 years) MIT / Boston Area juggling club
  • 4. (43 years) Texas Juggling Society
  • 5. (42 years) Atlanta Jugglers Association
  • 5. (42 years) Safety in Numbers
  • 8. (41 years) Cascade Jugglers
  • 9. (40 years) Nottingham Juggling Club
  • 9. (40 years) Jest Jugglers
  • 10. (39 years) Stanford Court Jugglers

Seven of the ten oldest clubs are in US, this might be due to amateur juggling clubs starting earlier in the US, US clubs being better at recording their start dates or more US clubs listing themselves on Juggling Edge.

[Incidentally, the Juggling Edge listing for North Carolina State Juggling Club says they were established in 1992 not the early 1980s - so that might need changing or the date checking.]

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I'm not certain if people have been meeting at Santelli for juggling that long, I'll met a bunch of Santelli regulars last weekend but didn't know I needed to ask this, haha! Will do next time I run into them :)

It's a youth circus with a long history indeed, the date is the origin date of the youth circus.

Mïark - - Parent

Oops! Was looking at the wrong data.


Only a fifth of the 955 juggling clubs listed on Juggling Edge have given their start date (or "Established date"), but half of the active clubs have a start date.

Years old . . . . No. of Active Clubs

50+ 2
40-49 7
30-39 12
25-29 12
20-24 5
15-19 4
10-14 11
5- 9 13
0- 4 27

The Void - - Parent

Hmm, the established date of #Altern8 seemed to have disappeared. I've just put it back (year only). Should this date be visible on the club's page? 'Cos it's not.

The Void - - Parent

Apart from right at the top of the page, of course. Ahem.

Little Paul -

Does anyone know if Bath Upchuck is happening this year? If so, what's the date?

Mïark - - Parent

There was a post on the Bath Upchuck facebook group last November that the provisional date is 8 February.
They may be waiting for the university to re-open after the holidays, you know what universities are like for long holidays.

Little Paul - - Parent

Thanks, I’ll pencil on the 8th and check again nearer the time

John R - - Parent

Now appears to be cancelled, as per a thread from today.

Hope it can be revived next year.

Little Paul - - Parent

Thanks for the update.

It’s a shame it’s not on this year, I’ve got a couple of locks which I’ve so far been unable to pick, and I thought I stood a reasonably good chance of there being some lock picking types there who might be able to open them.

Not to worry, I can wait!

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