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Orinoco -

Magician Ricky Jay is auctioning off his collection of memorabilia.

Lots of interesting stuff going under the hammer. I feel a bit sad when collections like this are split up.

Little Paul - - Parent

Technically, he isn’t auctioning off his collection… he hasn’t done much of anything since he died in 2018! (Lazy sod)

Some very interesting stuff in there though. I wonder how much of it will get slurped up by copperfield and stashed away in his enormous warehouse

Danny Colyer -

ISTR there was a web resource created somewhere a few years ago for sharing helpful information about organising conventions.

If I'm right, can anyone point me to it? Specifically, if there's an index of recommended caterers for UK convention organisers, I recently discovered a Bristol-based caterer that I'd like to add to that list.

The Void - - Parent

It may have been part of the wiki. Which is currently broken, unfortunately. (Somebody poke somebody relevant, please.)
Or there was a UK Juggling Convention organisers group, but I can"t remember where. Maybe it was a Yahoo group, in which case that may have died recently too, unless it moved elsewhere?
More helpful answers are welcome... :-)

Mïark - - Parent

The wiki has been broken for a few months, poking attempts have been made by myself and others without success so far.
The yahoo group like many other yahoo groups has gone, I think Richard posted asking if anyone wanted anything saving.
There is a BJC: Behind The Scenes facebook group.

Mïark - - Parent

oh, there is also a Convention Organisers Skillshare Group on facebook

I believe Richard had an "organising a one day juggling convention" website but I can't find it now, I guess it might be a bit dated.

5balls - - Parent

If you are just interested in the old content of the wiki, have a look at the archived version:

The Void - - Parent

Ah. Well, the front page of it is, anyway. Hopefully the rest will get fixed soon.... :-/

Danny Colyer - - Parent

Thanks for the replies.

I'll take a look at the FB groups. ISTR the wiki was something to do with Mini, who I haven't heard anything of for a loooong time.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

I believe there were two rival wikis, one dropped off the internet years ago, the other I think is currently broken.

Archives here:

I wrote content for the latter, and retrieved it to republish here:

Alice -

Leeds convention is confirmed for 27th November.
Obviously this is barring any new lockdown/regulations but looking good at present. It is in the same venue as recent years, St Mary’s school Menston LS296AE. The nature of the venue and convention are such that we will not be applying social distancing or mask wearing but we do ask everyone to be considerate of others and please do not attend if you are unwell on the day. Convention 10 am till 9 pm. Large juggling hall, tea room all day,please bring a mug, evening show. More details on Facebook as we have them. Am very much looking forward to seeing you all. Alice.

barnesy - - Parent

Good to hear it’s happening. The price for the ferry I used last time seems to have gone up 250%. Thanks, Brexit. Thanks, COVID.

Alice - - Parent

Sorry to hear that. The convention prices themselves will be at pre Covid rates,

Tufty -

Spent Sunday at the Swiss Juggling Convention in Geneva. First convention I've been to in *literally* 25 years (last one was Edinburgh in 1996), had a blast. Lots of fun, a good crowd and a very good level, some of the juggling was out of this world. Huge thanks to the organisers who have been trying to run this convention within covid restrictions for over a year now, and to all the volunteers involved in running it on the day - it was worth the effort, I think everyone had a good time. Especially the Italians.

Shame I couldn't make it for both days, though. I had some stupidity lined up for the open stage. Next time, I guess :)


barnesy -

Siteswap Explorer updates

Hi all. My iOS app Siteswap Explorer has had a few updates recently. Here’s a couple of videos of it in action. The first shows a quick run through of some of the app’s features, and the second focuses on the latest feature, which I’m giddily calling ‘Drag & Swap’.

Here’s the App Store link:

Marvin -

Here are all the links posted during September 2021:


Jak -

Wes Peden at BJC2022!

We are excited to announce that one of the world's most inspirational jugglers will be coming along to the British Juggling Convention next Easter! Join us (and him!) by buying your tickets now from

Wes will be presenting his Ultra-modern pop-punk juggling show ROLLERCOASTER!

Juggling’s own superhero returns with one hour of unadulterated joy. Using the thrill and design of Rollercoasters as a starting point for a performance of the most exhilarating juggling ever made.

Huge blue inflatable structures, electro beats made from distorted rollercoaster sounds, Peden performs original tricks inspired by rollercoasters and their high-tech seatbelts. A spinning plate ceremony becomes a celebration of the great rides of the past; an epic 3 ball disco juggling evokes the evolution of rollercoasters; a 4-meter transparent tube turns into a path around Wes’ body to make balls flow through loops, helixes, and corkscrews. Rollercoaster twists theatrical rules to create a safe space place to perform some of the most difficult and unique juggling ever done on stage!

Rollercoaster is produced by Wes Peden and Gandini Juggling

#BJC #BJC2022 #ByJugglersForJugglers

7b_wizard -

Do you always (try to) stop practise, or a stint within, on a good run or attempt?

  • yes
  • never
  • sometimes
  • maybe

This is a competition thread which ran from 2021-09-23 to 2021-09-30. View results.

Mïark - - Parent

Sometimes will also redefine what qualifies as a "good run" if time is running out or tea is getting cold.

7b_wizard - - Parent

I said "never" because I always try to confirm a good outstanding run. And as long as I have good arms or still feel fit or feel that something might still go, I'd rather continue the stint. I like to stop when nothing seems to go anymore or I urgently feel like a break or simply doing too bad with really no clue on how to do better again.

Sometimes, though, I do "until" a certain amount of throws or "until" a trick- or bodythrow gotten, and - only if it was hard and a struggle to get - will then refrain from trying to confirm or jumping that bandeaggon for maybe an even better result.

Thx 4 voting everyone! :o)

Marvin - - Parent

This poll has now ended with 6 votes cast. The results are:

  1.   yes (2 votes)
  2.   never (1 vote)
  3.   sometimes (3 votes)
  4.   maybe (0 votes)

Ana -

Hello! I am Ana from Romania and i ve just joined jugglingedge, even though i juggle since long time.

I started juggling 18 years ago, both learning and teaching. In 2018 i founded an NGO, Circus Fairies (, which promotes contemporary circus as a new form of art and alternative education in Romania.
And this year we are organizing the first romanian circus convention and we are very excited about it! :D From 1-3 october in Cluj-Napoca.

In Romania contemporary circus is very little present and most of the people know only the traditional circus (with animals and shows mostly for children). And yet there are more and more people that start discovering this new sport, but mostly alone in their homes. Our aim is to create a national community, get to know each other and organize events together that will promote this new circus.
The convention wants to get the national community together, with activities aimed at them and at the same time, invite anyone interested to try different circus props and see the circus shows. Here is the fb event

We would be suuuper happy if anyone from the international community would like to join us, so feel free to ask me more about the event if you feel like coming :D I ll also post it here on jugglingedge.

Have a great end of the week!

^Tom_ - - Parent

Hi Ana & welcome!

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