Pyramidaler Kleinkunst-Verein Karlsruhe


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This club has not been verified within the last 18 months and has been removed from the regular listings

Come and meet us for some juggling (or acrobatics)!

Meeting times are quite consistent, but once in a while a meeting doesn't take place because of another event blocking the gym. So just drop us a mail an advance; especially if you want to join us during summer (~ August to end of September). See you in Karlsruhe!


KIT / University, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


Monday, 17:30 Building 30.81 (AKK) | Thursday. 17:30 Building 30.81 (AKK)




Free to attend once or twice, come in and have fun! If you attend regularly, you need to become a member of our association (or the university sports group)


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