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zaterdag, 15 mei 1999 to zondag, 16 mei 1999


The Inside Park, Blandford St. Mary, Blandford Forum, Dorset



You no longer need to go to the USA to enjoy a Mountain Unicycle Weekend! We are pleased to announce that the British Muni Weekend (BMW to its friends) will take place on 15th-16th May 1999.

"Where? Where?" I hear you cry. The Inside Park Campsite, near Blandford Forum in Dorset, UK! The site is run by a Muniier and even has an onsite offroad cycle track.

More information is available from the website

So for a fun (and possibly muddy) weekend of Muniing please join us!

This event is brought to you by Paul Selwood, Sarah Miller and Jerry Cooper (and by the letters M,U,N and I, and with the number 1)

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