British Unicycle Convention 9

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Juggling events in Verenigd Koninkrijk‎, 2002


vrijdag, 19 april 2002 to zondag, 21 april 2002


Harry Cheshire School, Kidderminster



The British Unicycle Convention is a weekend event run by unicyclists for unicyclists, allowing unicycle enthusiasts from all over the country - and even abroad - to meet, have fun and share ideas and skills. The Convention also provides the opportunity to compete against others in races, silly games, unicycle hockey and other events. In addition, there will be a number of skills workshops appealing to everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned experts.

The Convention is open to people of all ages and abilities, including those whose first attempt to ride will be at the convention - more than one parent has provided a taxi service for the kids in the past, only to learn to ride themselves! So don't be shy. Come along and have a great time.

While the convention does not cater specifically catering for jugglers,
they are very welcome.

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