Fira de teatre al carrer de Tàrrega

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donderdag, 5 september 2002 to zondag, 8 september 2002





Every year since 1981, when it was founded by the theatre group Comediants, the Fira de Teatre, a great spectacle of the scenic arts, has been held on the second week of September. Theatrical programmers, agencies and artists from all over Europe, together with an enthusiatic public, gather for the Fira and participate in an impressive celebration of theatre. Thus, the small city of Tàrrega, set in the heart of Catalonia, some 100 kilometres from Barcelona, is transformed into a magnificent showroom for the vitality of the contemporary scenic arts.

The central thrust of the Fira is the performances by an average of 100 companies with some 250 separate acts which cover the whole range of theatrical specialities: visual, text, street, and youth's theatre, puppets, comtemporary dance, etc.. The programme emphasises contemporary and visual theatre as a means of ensuring innovation and artistic diffusion in a geographic setting without linguistic barriers. The shows are performed in over 20 indoor and open-air venues.

The main aims of the Fira de Teatre are to promote artistic production, facilitate contracting and make it possible for artists and companies to circulate around different circuits; summing up, the aims is to make a decisive contribution to invigorating the performing arts industry.

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