8. nationales volleyclub-Turnier

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zaterdag, 11 september 2010


Karlsruhe, Durlach




As this years EJC collides with the traditional dates, the 8th national volleyclub tournament will instead take place on september 11th during the annual Karlsruhe Pyramidal Juggling Festival.

The hard facts:
* 16 teams of two persons each
* group phase first (= every team plays at least three matches)
* ko-modus from quarter final upwards
* fame and glory for the winning team :)

If you want to participate, please register via www.volleyclub.de (in german only). As the tournament starts in the morning we recommend visiting the Karlsruhe Pyramidal Juggling Festival as well - it's on the same site and provides places to sleep as well as breakfast, workshops, the gala show, the games and lots of fun!

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