jonglierbattle/variete nouveau

All juggling events in 2002
Juggling events in Duitsland‎, 2002


vrijdag, 18 oktober 2002 to zaterdag, 19 oktober 2002





october 18th, 21.30, 4th juggling battle. powerful juggling and cool rhythms. jugglers, dj's and musicians pushed by an enthusiastic audience. followed by dancing party with sound system grooves.

october 19th, 11.00-18.00, chill out juggling

20.30, variete nouveau, strange show with contemporary juggling, modern dance livemusic and excellent surprises, inspired by the movie "freaks". followed by bangra dance party.

october 20th, 11.00-18.00 chillout juggling entry for the variete nouveau/bangra party, 9 euro, 2 euro less if you can juggle 3 balls, all other events are free.

if you need a place to sleep, please contact me (thomas vidmar). this is no convention. c u

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