Thomas Dietz Juggling Convention bei der Traumfabrik-Akademie

( informeel ook wel Thomas Dietz Juggling Convention at the Traumfabrik-Akademie genoemd)

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vrijdag, 5 april 2013 to zondag, 7 april 2013


University of Regensburg, Regensburg, Deutschland



Hello jugglers,

after the great juggling meetings in recent years at the Traumfabrik-Akademie and after the great feedback, there's another convention
The juggling meeting will take place at the Traumfabrik-Akademie (largest workshop in Germany for theatre, circus arts, dance, rhythm, with over 1,000 participants).
Again with an extraordinary show programme. And this time with the world champion and world record holder Thomas Dietz. A truly unique experience - it pays to be there!

The best bit: this juggling meeting does not cost anything! However, the number of participants is limited.

What to do?
Application to the Traumfabrik-Akademie informally by e-mail to ingo.pawelke @ under Subject: juggling meetings. Contents:. Name, mobile number, age (adult?)

Note: The commitment made ​​after receipt of applications or
Applications - that are interested, sign up as soon as possible.
We will contact you.

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