Manchester Juggling Convention 15

( informeel ook wel MJC15 genoemd)

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zaterdag, 12 oktober 2013


Chorlton Leisure Centre, Manchester Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9PQ


Dit is een Manchester Juggling Convention evenement.


12th October, 10am to 7pm at Chorlton Leisure Centre (same venue as the last 14 years...) then 7pm to bedtime at St Werburgh's Church Hall (all-new venue for the convention, but an old venue for Manchester jugglers as it's where Quirkus has been on a Monday night for the last 22 years (ish)).

The usual thing you've come to expect from a Manchester Convention, which is to say not a right lot really. We've got traders, we've got games, we've got a space to juggle and chat, we've got tea and coffee. Bring everything else yourself...

And just as it's always been, £6. (Hey, that seems like it was quite expensive for 1999 when we started this. Now it seems really cheap.)


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