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Friday, 2014-10-17 tot Sunday, 2014-10-26


Velderseweg 8, 5298 LE Liempde, Nederland


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No elephants and tigers, but the esteemed audience.
No sawdust and chimpanzee droppings, but colourful tents reaching up to the sky, thrilling and awakening curiosity.
No fat MC who grandly announces separate acts.

But a whirlpool that leads to modern circus theatre in which all the disciplines are forged into a wondrous world, personified by top artists.

The International Circus Theatre Festival, Circo Circolo, which settled five years ago at the Velder Estate in Brabant, sucked Dutch audiences for the first time into this whirlpool and hence into the magic of new international circus theatre.

Anyone who dares enter the tents of Circo Circolo in the second decade of the third millennium witnesses these stunning evolution of traditional circus into modern circus theatre, from the development of craftsman-like entertainment into an autonomous, high-quality, entertaining and kaleidoscopic dramatic artform.

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