Danish Juggling Convention 2014 (Dansk Jonglørtræf 2014)

( informeel ook wel DJC 2014 genoemd)

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Friday, 2014-01-10 tot Sunday, 2014-01-12


Enghavevej 82B, 2450 KBH. SV







Dit is een Danish Juggling Conventions evenement.


Join us for DJC in Copenhagen! We have a great event ready for you with inspiring juggling artists from DK and abroad, lots of games and workshops, as well as very good training facilities in the cirkus school AFUK. The rest YOU will bring, and we can't wait to meet you! Therefore - pre reg. already now! Getting your ticket already now is easier, cheaper and makes it easier for us to plan! So: Get your DJC-ticket here: https://djc.safeticket.dk/da
The pre-registration ticket costs 350 DKK (47,04 euros) plus a fee at 6,25 DKK (0,84) for “Safeticket” (the company that manages the sales). If you buy the ticket in the door it will cost 400 DKK (53,76 euros).
What are you waiting for?? See you in Copenhagen! :)

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