6th London Juggling Convention

All juggling events in 2003
Juggling events in Verenigd Koninkrijk‎, 2003


zaterdag, 8 november 2003


The Circus Space, Coronet Street, London N1 6HD



Dit is een National Centre for Circus Art evenement.


2 Juggling halls (new roof, more light!), videos, bar, traders &
the show with:

Steve Rawlings - Comedy, juggling, new tricks!
Fistful of Lice - Two people and many more hats
Vincent Bruel, Dennis Paumier, Sylvain Garnavault - Three of the best French jugglers of the moment over to run a Gandini Workshop (see below). Denis Paumier performed at the LJC last year.
'Quirk Ethic' - Girisho combines doing nothing with trapeze, comedy and theatre.
Matt Hennem - Blissful Contact Juggling
Pablo Reboleiro - Classic Club Juggling (recent BA graduate)
Rhian Halford - Juggling with feeling (recent BA graduate)
and the continuing tradition of classic film snippets in place of a compere

Workshops by:
Tim Roberts, Fistful of Lice, others to be announced

Lord Mayor's Fireworks, 5pm, Blackfriars Bridge on the Thames

ALSO!!!!!!!Check out Gandini Juggling and others at the LABAN Bonnie Bird Theatre the night before (Fri 7/11 at 7.30 - see www.laban.org)

Only 200 places - book now on 020 7729 9522
10am to midnight, show at 8pm
£12.50, £8 for 6 - 15 yrs, £0 for 5 and under

The Circus Space
Coronet Street, London N1 6HD (Old Street Tube)
Tel: 020 7729 9522 Fax: 020 7729 9422
Registered Charity 1001839 Funded by Arts Council of England

Vincent Bruel\Dennis Paumier\Sylvain Garnavault
Bouncing and throwing in London

Monday 10th of November untill Wednesday 12th of November
10.00 - 17.00

An informal laboratory into bouncing and throwing.

We are delighted to present a 3 day juggling intensive with 3 of France's leading jugglers. This is a rare opportunity in the UK to work Vincent Bruel, Dennis Paumier and Sylvain Garnavault. These 3 jugglers are active members of Frances vibrant new juggling scene offering a subtle mix of technique and innovation.

The course will be adapted to the participants need. Below however is an idea of what to expect.

Dennis: Creating routines starting from just one siteswap. Variations on juggling timings. Technique.

Vincent: Bouncing ball and passing ideas

Sylvain Garnavault: siteswaps for more than 2 hands, using random systems to generate patterns

The laboratory will take place in London. Location still to be confirmed. Don't contact The Circus Space for details - e-mail Gandinis below:


Language: English / French
Maximum Participants: 20
Cost: €150 or £100

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