9th European Juggling Convention

All juggling events in 1986
Juggling events in Spain (España)‎, 1986

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Thursday, 1986-09-18 tot Sunday, 1986-09-21


Castellar de la Frontera, Prov. Cadiz

Dit is een EJA evenement.


From Thursday, 18 September, on the squares and spaces in and around the fort: free juggling, workshops etc.. The details will be posted each day
On Thursday evening you're invited to a "welcome party" with local culture , circa, tiriteros, Flamenco and a full moon.

Parade and Competitions:
The planned "passacalles" (parade) on Saturday from La Linea across the border to Gibraltar still requires some "juegos malabares" (juggling skill) at higher diplomatic level. Get ready for a show with games and competitions in any case, and don't forget your passport!

The traditional Public Show, the ·Grande Espectaculo will take place on Saturday evening in the big sports hall of Nuevo Castellar, so as to give the public the opportunity of seeing the various aspects of the ancient arts of juggling, acrobatics, mime, clowning, magic and "sorpresas" (surprises).

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