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Women's Juggling Conention

( informeel ook wel Women's Juggling Convention genoemd)

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Friday, 1993-08-06 tot Sunday, 1993-08-08


AKK, University of Karlsruhe, Engesser Str. 7, Karlsruhe


In recent years, a number of women jugglers have been considering the possibility of a women's juggling convention. At Oldenburg EJC the ideas were concretised, and we decided to hold a convention and show by and for women only. We thought that, considering the minimal number of women on stage, it would be good if women had an opportunity of trying out new material - or simply being on stage at all -in front of an audience of women only. We would like to have a smaller, more personal convention than usual so as to have a chance to get to know each other better. And perhaps we'll be able to discuss our experiences and problems with juggling and especially with performing. No doubt our own show will provide many with new experiences.

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