2nd European Juggling Convention - Paul Cinquevalli Meeting for Jugglers

( informeel ook wel 2nd European Juggling Convention genoemd)

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Saturday, 1979-04-14 tot Monday, 1979-04-16


RIO Youth Club, St. Mary's Lane, Newport-on-Tay, Fife, Scotland, DD6 8AH

Dit is een EJA evenement.


All persons interested in the Art of Juggling are invited. For details please contact Lindsay Leslie, Newport-on-Tay, Fife, Scotland.


From the IJA Newsletter June/July 1979 Volume 31 No. 4 http://dev.juggle.org/history/archives/jugmags/31-4/31-4,p1.htm">link

The Paul Cinquevalli Meeting For Jugglers

The following is my report on The Paul Cinquevalli Meeting for Jugglers, the 2nd European IJA Convention.

Jugglers attending were: Roland Weise, GDR; Hermann Sagemuller, FRG; Bobby Menary, Northern Ireland; Tim Batson, Stuart Fell, Jimmy Martin, Mark Robertson, and Lynn Thomas, England; John Whitehead, John Leslie, Steven Leslie, and Lindsay Leslie, Scotland. Delegates from the Scottish Magic Circle were Rodger Caseby and Dave Harley; both assisted with our Public Show.

Top marks for our correspondent Roland Weise who traveled the furthest, and also to Stuart Fell (the tumbling juggler who plays with fire) who made a very acrobatic and flashing appearance. He was able to visit the Convention for only 14 hours between his professional appearances in London.

Hermann Sagemuller won the first ever 5 ball juggling endurance championship held in Scotland.

The prize was a Haggis and souvenir EMPTY purse from Scotland (that figures), but best of all a medal presented by Roland Weise.

(There is a craze in Scotland just now called "Hurling the Haggis" in which a person who throws a Haggis the furthest wins a prize. We thought it was a nice twist to hurl or juggle lacrosse balls to win a Haggis. )

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