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5th European Juggling Convention - Bob Ripa Meeting for Jugglers

( informeel ook wel 5th European Juggling Convention genoemd)

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Friday, 1982-09-10 tot Sunday, 1982-09-12


Studiestræde 38, 1455 København

Dit is een EJA evenement.


The Fifth European Juggling Convention will be held from 10 to 11 of September in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark. Beginning at 10 am Saturday and running through till 11 pm Sunday, it will be at StudieĀ­straede 38, a location sufficient for 150 jugglers. For information, contact: Jens Brix Christiansen, Helmsvej, Copenhagen

Report in IJA Jugglers World December 1982 Volume 34 No. 5 Page 4 and Page 5

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