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44th IJA Convention

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Juggling events in USA‎, 1991

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Tuesday, 1991-07-16 tot Sunday, 1991-07-21


Washington University, St. Louis,

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St. Louis - blues music, breweries, base­ball and the muddy Mississippi River... Slow and languorous images that speak of relaxation and lazy times with friends. But the week of July 16-21, 1991, will be different! From east and west, north and south and across the seas, multitudes of jugglers will descend on America's Gateway to the West to unleash a week-long whirlwind of creative energy.

Come be part of 1991's new Spirit of St. Louis, a spirit of shared excitement about the limitless potential of object manipulation! Through shows, games, championships, workshops and serendipitous meetings every moment of the day, you'll enjoy juggling like never before. Come contribute your own ener­gy to this major variety arts event that's sure to shake up St. Louis this summer!

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