4 week Juggling Masterclass with Sergei Ignatov

( informeel ook wel Juggling Masterclass with Sergei Ignatov genoemd)

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maandag, 14 september 2015 to vrijdag, 16 oktober 2015


Circ'Arena, 80125 Napoli, Italia






4 weeks Masterclass from the master of russian style juggling!

One of the first to qualify 11 rings in the world, Sergei Ignatov is for sure the juggler with the deepest and most solid traditional throwing technique, learnt from Violetta Kiss, at moscow circus school, and developed furthermore through 40 years of practice and more than 14000 shows. Named the "Poet of juggling" for the grace shown during his performances, he spent the last years teaching in many juggling school, like “Jonglierkatakomben”, in Berlin (2007-2008), “Piccolo circo dei sogni di Paride Orfei” (2010-2011) and of course Moscow Circus School (2014). He is also featured in the book "The world greatest jugglers", by Karl-Heinz Ziethen, along other masters name, like Enrico Rastelli, Francis Brunn e Anthony Gatto.

Technical preparation is a long journey, that starts with the feeling of your own body, the balance found within it and from the awareness of your own movements that, when done with the right mix of strenght and relaxation, will lead you to exibit grace and harmony during shows and everyday practice.
Basic exercise with one or two object are used to analyze and rebuild every part of the simple act of throwing (balance, dynamics, body movements, arm, wrist and hand posture). Putting a special care in this part of the training, even more then on the actual throwing part, the course naturally focus on making those movement perfect, so tho easily transition into throwing any number of objects. Paralel to this is the work on Rhythm in juggling and of course Body Rhythm during juggling: this execercises are necessary to start developing a long term work that the juggler need to partake to better his throwing practice, be it with clubs, rings or balls.

Who is this course aimed to?
There are no pre-requisite to access classes with Sergei Ignatov: after a quick analysis he will indicate special and targeted exercise for each partecipant to focus on, to fix small and hidden mistakes in the techinque or to transition to throwing a higher numbers of object. Each lesson will be executed collectively with a part of stretching and warming up, rhythm study, balance and detailed high level technique. From this point, Ignatov will intervene on each partecipant separatedly, so to fix whatever techincal mistake that might be present.



1 week: 150€
2 weeks: 280€
3 weeks: 370€
4 weeks: 460€

To attend the workshops it's necessary to be member of Circ'Arena: 15€
Price covers only the workshop prices, but soon we will give out more info about cheap hosting places in Napoli

Booking and more INFO:

- circarena@gmail.com
- private message to the facebook page

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