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Sunday, 2015-07-26, 12:00 tot 18:00


Whetstone Park Of Roses, 3923 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43214



This will be our third annual Gathering! Anyone who was attended will tell you what a special time it was, how connections were made and renewed, both with each other and with the spirit of the land on which we drummed and danced. Hoopers and flow artists are also welcome, and this is an event for the whole family to enjoy! Come early and enjoy the Park of Roses, Columbus, Ohio, which adjoins where we will be gathering. As before, we will be at the far western end of the park, so when you enter the park, keep driving until you reach the end. Also as before, we gather respectful of the park rules and the other visitors, no drugs or alcohol or uncool behavior...but knowing many of you as I do, that vibes will be nothing but magical! I am so looking forward to this event again and I hope you are too! Spread the word and let's meet the goal of 1,000 drummers this time! Much Love and Gratitude...

For those that can not attend, we ask you gather with your friends and family in your local parks or homes and drum with us in spirit!

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