Bristol’s Biennial Circus Festival - Circus City

( informeel ook wel Circus City 2015 genoemd)

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Juggling events in Verenigd Koninkrijk‎, 2015


donderdag, 8 oktober 2015 to zaterdag, 31 oktober 2015





Circus City 2015 is the 2nd edition of Bristol’s Biennial Circus Festival. It’s all about celebrating and adventuring into the thrilling world of contemporary circus in Bristol. We are very proud to present this line-up of fantastic shows for you; bringing together award-winning European acts alongside homegrown talent – with plenty for families over the half term too.

Our 4-week programme is spread throughout the city’s indoor and outdoor spaces, with shows and events that range from laugh out loud funny to strange and spine-tingling, from decadent cabaret for adults to captivating installations for children. These are shows that mix circus with comedy, theatre, dance, digital art and puppetry to create unexpected and wonderful experiences. We invite you to jump in and indulge. See you there!

In the run up to Circus City 2015 we will be setting up lots of workshops, pop-up events and opportunities to get involved in the festival. Keep an eye on our website or join our mailing list to make sure you get the most up to date information, you can sign up on our website or via our Facebook page.

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