Oxford Juggling Convention

( informeel ook wel OJC genoemd)

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Saturday, 2016-07-16, 10:00 tot 22:00


Oxford Brookes University Centre For Sports





Dit is een Oxford Juggling Conventions evenement.


This event is open to anyone who want to learn from, skill share with or just socialise with a load of circus skills people. There will be ball juggling, club passing, ring tossing, diablo spinning, devilstick tapping, acrobalance climbing, cigarbox bashing, card shuffling, hat catching and all round circus fun.

Door open at 10am and you can bugger off at 10pm.
Ticket are going to be £5-7.
We have the sport hall we have every year which has a big inside hall, a bar and a sunny outside grassy area.
We have got the Union hall, (John Henry building) that we had last year for the show in the evening.
There will be workshops and a games

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