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vrijdag, 6 oktober 2017 to zondag, 8 oktober 2017


Ucd Student Centre, Belfield, Dublin, Ireland


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After a successful first run, Freshers' Juggling Convention (FJC) will take place October 6th-8th in UCD Student's Union and Sports Centre. It's open to all!

Map of Convention site -

Carrying on from last year's success, Freshers' Con has made a decidedly bold move and given last years Freshers the run of the limelight on the Friday, with the Friday Night Freshers' Showcase.
The Convention is aimed specifically at Freshers; the primary purpose is to get new-comers enthused and committed to the circus scene early, and give them a taste of what the rest of the conventions will be like.

The plan is to have base level workshops for total beginners, so there is no fear of being left behind, but we all look forward to Brendan's advanced "Queuing Tecniquies" workshop.

As ever any and all questions can be posted here and I'll endevour to get back to you ASAP.

Tickets will be available on the door.
Weekend Pass €25
Brendan Fahy Teir (AKA God Tier) €30
Day tickets (Gala not included) €8
Gala-only tickets will be €10.

Registration and the hall opens at 4pm (Fitzgerald Chamber),
Freshers' Show at 8pm
(Fitzgerald Chamber).

Hall opens at 9am (Hall B Sports Building)
Gala show at 8pm (doors open 7:30pm) (Astra Hall)
Renegade show at 10.30pm (Astra)

Closing games
Toss-up and closing 4pm

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