Manchester Aerial & Acrobatics Convention

( informeel ook wel MAACtober genoemd)

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Friday, 2018-10-12 tot Sunday, 2018-10-14


Pollard Street East, Manchester



By very popular request we present MAACtober! If you need another convention fix before 2019 then make sure you get MAACtober in the diary!

This convention will be slightly smaller than the original MAAC in that we'll have ten classes over the weekend rather than thirteen so we can have slightly later starts and longer classes and breaks.

That said, we'll still have incredible teachers for you from all over the UK in aerial, acrobatics and pole.

We'll be following the same style as May in that we'll be at both Ordsall Leisure Centre and Siren Asylum and we'll have a range of aerial, acrobatic, pole and floorwork classes for you all.

Tickets will be announced soon, we're just getting the venue confirmation in writing before we get super excited! Tickets will be £120 for full aerial and £90 for acro/floor only.

Follow the MAAC page for updates and ticket release info.

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