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( informeel ook wel MJCOT genoemd)

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Saturday, 2019-09-07, 10:00 tot 23:00


Northwich Memorial Court, Chester Way, Northwich CW9 5QJ





Dit is een Manchester Juggling Convention evenement.


You may already have heard the buzz but Manchester's very own ? JC is back at The Northwich Memorial Court (Just about 20 miles south west of our old Chorlton venue). You came back for more last year so let's do it again. So swarm back over for some more fun and frolics and spread the word.

If anybody would like to offer any workshops either let us know, and who knows, they may find themselves on a timetable or some such or come and see us at the reg desk and we'll fit you in.

We leave the Memorial Court at 5.00pm and as has been traditional at recent Manchester conventions, our evening's entertainment will be the opportunity to join us for a social gathering at a separate venue, in this case at St Wilfrids Parish Centre Witton Street Northwich Cheshire CW9 5NP. So why not bring along a take-away and a cheeky beer or two and join us for a chilled evening with friends and the possibility of an impromptu (think renegade without the organisation) show, as ever it'll be up to you!

It's going to be the bee's knees!

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