Dutch Juggling Convention 2019

( informeel ook wel NJF 2019 genoemd)

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Thursday, 2019-05-30 tot Sunday, 2019-06-02


Van IJsendijkstraat 365, 1442LB Purmerend





Dit is een NJF - Nederlands Jongleer Fest evenement.

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The Dutch Juggling Convention (NJF) is a four-day convention that takes place during the Ascension weekend. Upcoming festival is from the 30th of May till the 2nd of June 2019. At the NJF approximately 350 to 500 beginner and advanced jugglers will come together from The Netherlands and from abroad. The main discipline will of course be juggling, but there is also plenty of space for other circus disciplines!

Tickets available via https://tickets.stichtingnjf.nl

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