17. Magyar Zsonglőrtalálkozó (17th Hungarian Juggling Convention)

( informeel ook wel 17. Hungarian Juggling Convention genoemd)

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vrijdag, 28 juni 2019 to zondag, 30 juni 2019





Dit is een Magyar Zsonglőr Egyesület evenement.

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The 17. Hungarian Juggling Convention is located in the heart of the historical downtown of Pécs!

Annual Juggling Convention Programs, Workshops, 72 hours of non-stop practice, Fire Space, resident & international shows at the Zsolnay Light Festival!

Downtown of Pécs is an ideal setting for the Convention, loaded with fun, friendly, casual places to eat, drink and shop.

As last year, the 17. Hungarian Juggling Convention is guesting on the Zsolnay Light Festival in Pécs! In addition to the traditional programs of the Convention, we can also enjoy the dazzling world of the light festival and spectacular international circus performances at several venues.

During the Convention we provide accommodation in a downtown school building.
Bring sleeping bags and a mattress!
Other accommodation can be booked nearby in the city.

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