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maandag, 3 juni 2019 to zondag, 16 juni 2019


Atžalynas, Partizanu st. 85, Dainava, Kaunas



“Cirkuliacija” is an educational contemporary circus festival that grows bigger since 2015 and attracts new and various audiences with each year. The main goal of the festival is to introduce contemporary circus to more people – its subtle and unique language, and also its educational and social capabilities.

The festival has witnessed that contemporary circus is a perfect way to bring together any kind of a community for a dialogue. This is why “Cirkuliacija” is inviting everyone for a festive experience that is accessible, interesting and friendly to everyone on June 3-16.

This year the festival’s circus-town will be settled on June 13-16th in the neighborhood of Dainava, inside and around a building that was previously an orphanage named “Atžalynas” (Partizanu st. 85). The circus-town resides each year in a different neighborhood of Kaunas. All the locations of the circus-town are settled in neighborhoods, where cultural and community activities are still a rarity – but it is highly promoted by the festival. This year’s edition emphasizes the abandoned buildings of different neighborhoods and their possibilities to become highly functioning cultural and community spaces.

The festival offers a big amount of free shows, concerts, discussions and family events. All the noons between June 13th and 16th will be meant to gather the local elderly for board games, snacks and Bingo tournaments in which the winner gets a ticket to the evening shows that are made by very interesting companies from all over Europe.

One of them is Giorgio Bertolotti who will invite the audience into a space ship: “Juri the Cosmonaut” is a show made by Giorgio Bertolotti and Petr Forman, in which they combine a video mapping (still rarely seen in Lithuania) and clowning in order to help us to experience an actual trip to space. Nonine company from Finland will present their show “Incidents”, based on the works of Daniil Kharms.

The Danish company “Glimt” on June 14th will explore the everyday life of working in the office in the modern day “Sisyphus Ascending”. A company from Belgium named “Be Flat” will encounter and play with the spaces of the city using parkour, and the audience will go on an urbanistic journey through the city with them – the urban spaces will become the stage, the surrounding sounds – the soundtrack.

The highlight of the festival will be the “Barely Methodical Troupe” from the UK and their newest show “SHIFT”. On June 14th and 15th the company will invite the audience to dive into shifting perceptions and realities through power based acrobatics mixing show-stopping circus tricks with the emotional punch of theatre. It is the first time BMT is in the Baltic countries, so don’t miss it!

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