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donderdag, 31 januari 2019 to zondag, 3 februari 2019


Flowtoys, 6315 Doyle St, Emeryville, California 94608




It's the 6th Club Congress!

Jan 30th - Feb 3rd 2019 at the Flow Space in the Bay Area
This will be a private event with the goal of furthering the art of club juggling, spinning, and manipulation.

Tickets will be launched sat 5:00pm PST on Nov 14th. Event will be limited to 32 participants total.

SERIOUS CLUB PEOPLE ONLY - ALL weekend, ONLY CLUBS ARE ALLOWED. If that doesn't sound good to you or you find yourself thinking "I'm sure I can bring a few other props" then THIS EVENT IS NOT FOR YOU. No exceptions.

Featuring Club Juggling, Club Spinning, Club Tech, Club Traps, Club Scissors, Contact Club, Club Manipulation, Club Legos, Club Passing, Club Videos, also including arcs, triads, siteswap, shapes, routines, theory, glow, flow and more!

This is different to a juggling or a flow festival. This is truly for the top 10% of club enthusiasts.

Do not invite just anyone to the facebook event page. Club Zealots only.
That doesn't mean someone has to be advanced or professional.
It means they have to be REALLY INTO CLUBS and have a lifestyle that reflects that.

The reason is to keep the focus and potency of the event strong and on point, without that dedicated energy it quickly turns into just another hangout / jam. (nothing wrong with that but we're after something unique and special)

The essence of the event is a private party. Please act accordingly to respect the Flow Space and their generous offer of hosting.

We will be having a minimal per person charge to fund the event (NOT A FOR PROFIT EVENT) that fee is still to be decided. the final rate will be Non-negotiable
Everybody even organizers pay.

Last year was amazing and we're aiming for even better this year.

Lets do this!

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