6th Philippine Flow Fest 2019

( informeel ook wel Philippine Flow Fest 2019 genoemd)

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vrijdag, 29 maart 2019 to zondag, 31 maart 2019


Agoho Kampsite & Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales




Join us at the country's 6th Philippine Flow Fest 2019: Fire Arts & Music Beach Festival! (aka: the mini “Burning Man Festival of the Philippines"). The Philippine Flow Fest (PFF) is a trailblazing and nationally attended event, one which has made a name for itself in the South East Asian regional festival circuit as well, with more international guests attending each year. Experience flow arts/dance/drum/yoga/belly dancing/slackline workshops, DJs, bands, chill out sunset sessions, performances, art/clothing/food vendors and even a day trip to Capones Island!
PFF also aims to create a space for the multi-sensory arts, where guests’ visual, tactile and aural senses are peaked, teased and tantalized. After the success of 5 annual PFFs since 2013, the time is ripe to mount an even stronger 6th year effort, with even more ambitious goals. Each year we want to provide a better experience for everyone - and this year is no different!

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