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Bungay Balls Up 2021 - VIRTUAL EDITION

( informeel ook wel BBU2021VE genoemd)

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Friday, 2021-05-21 tot Monday, 2021-05-31


The Internet!, UK



Dit is een BBU evenement.


This May, Bungay Balls Up will be a VIRTUAL EVENT on .
(We are currently considering the possibility of a live event later in the year, if it is safe/permitted to have one.)

All the usual splendidness: 24-hr big top, in-your-own-home self-catering, loos*, showers*, sauna*, games-a-go-go, comfy chairs*, croquet*, a sky for throwing things up into, oodles of outdoor space*, buttercups*, the occasional passing wildlife*. And anything you care to add.
Further details to be added to the BBU calendar within

Event begins 6pm on Friday. Please clear the site by 4pm on bank holiday Monday. ;-)

*Please provide your own supplies of these this May. :-/

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