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( informeel ook wel AJC 2022 genoemd)

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vrijdag, 22 april 2022 to maandag, 25 april 2022


32/34 Rosa Street, Goodwood, Adelaide, SA




AJC 2022 is a 4 day event on 22nd-25th of April during the ANZAC day long weekend at the Goodwood Community Centre in Adelaide.

The Adelaide Juggling Convention is on again for it’s 3rd year in 2022. The AJC is all about Juggling, unicycling, hula hooping, diabolo and circus manipulation skills in general.

The AJC is a vibrant community event, with jugglers coming from all over Australia and leaders in the art form facilitating workshops and community events.The AJC is a 4-day hot pot of new ideas for people with diverse skills and backgrounds to come together, learn, teach and skill-share everything about juggling, unicycling, hula-hooping and performing. During the day, AJC opens its doors to the public and there are workshops, performance classes and games.

In the evening there are shows and performances, including the fire juggling and spinning show, the AJC Professional Gala show, the AJC Open Stage show and the Juggling Olympics.

Brief List of what's happening at AJC

Friday 22nd of April: Juggling + Circus workshops and the Fire Show- presented by Dragon Mill.

Saturday 23rd of April: Juggling + Circus workshops and the AJC Gala Show!

Sunday the 24th of April: Juggling + Circus Workshops, Juggling combat fight night and the Renegade show.

Monday 25th of April: Juggling + Circus Workshop and the Juggling Olympics.

Ticket Prices

4-day ticket is $150 ($120 for Early Bird bookings)

2-day ticket is $100

1-day ticket is $50

Learn to juggle workshop is $20

AJC 2022 Workshop list, so far....

Bounce juggling- Emily Loe

Diabolo- Naoya, JT

Clowning- Ciara Thornburn

Contact Clubs- Andres Duque

Club Passing (beginner)- Tully, Simon Wright, Nick Loh, Dan Gorski

Unicycle (beginner)- Simon Wright

Unicycle (Advance) -Simon Wright

Unicycle Hockey- Simon Wright

Foot Juggling- ????

Hula Hoops- Katie Wright

Hoop Dance- Hayley Hoopdog

Hoop Army- Hayley Hoopdog

3 club tricks- Nick Loh

4 ball site swaps- Nick Loh

4 club site swaps- Nick Loh

Club passing- Tully, Simon Wright, Nick Loh,

Fire Safety and Fuel Science. - Emily Esper

Fire Fan 101, - Emily Esper

Russian fan tech masterclass - Emily Esper

Double staff isolation tech (beginner) - Emily Esper

Double staff isolation tech (Advance)- Emily Esper

Beginner Rope Dart Beginner weaves, wraps and shots. Ben and Rob

Intermediate Rope Dart wraps, releases, shots and combos. Ben and Rob

Intermediate Open Spin Staff 1best, 3 best weaves front rotor- Robert Brooks

Intermediate Contact Staff- Robert Brooks

Rope Dart - Robert Brooks /Ben

Meteors- Tully Fedorowjtsch

Learn how to juggle 5 balls - Tully Fedorowjtsch

Stick twirling- Tully Fedorowjtsch

Cigar boxes- Dan Gorski

Hats- Dan Gorski

Clown/performace- Dan Gorski

Basketball- Reshan and Bavo

Street Performance- Katie Wright or Reshan

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