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Saturday, 2024-04-27


John Marley Centre, Muscott Grove, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 6TT




May we present OUR FIRST EVENT!
This is a super exciting time for us as we work round the clock to welcome you all to our first event! We are painting, planning, preparing and INVITING you to joining us for the one day FREE circus event!

A place to collaborate, learn, create and play! Learn & watch circus from the regions circus pros.

Please ensure you book your spot by reserving your ticket!

This is a free event, please ONLY book a spot if you are 100000% certain you are attending the event.

All ages 11am-6pm, After-party 7pm-11pm

🎪Book your workshops in advance!
🥳Watch works from our 5 commissioned artists!
🤸‍♂️Take part in masterclasses!
🥂Hang out and socialise in our afterparty!

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