Nordic Juggling Convention 2010

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Thursday, 2010-05-13 tot Sunday, 2010-05-16




Dit is een Nordic Juggling Network evenement.


This year NJC will be held 13. - 16. May in Oslo, Norway.
This means that if you stay a day longer by any chance, you get to experience our national day with a loads of parades and norwegian flags :)

More info comming soon!

Some of the artist that are coming:

-Jay Gilligan
-Samuel Gustavsson
-Matt Hennem
-Kristian Wanvik
-Emil Dahl
-Aaro Petrus Kontio
-Frida Odden Brinkmann
-Mari Stoknes
-Bjørn Olav Brekke Hauknes
-Manu Tiger
-Magnus Bjøru
-Yann Frisch
-Tomm Percy!/event.php?eid=142283064513

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