9 ball solo records

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TrickRecordWho byDate
9 ball ([88x],2)*9 catches Ethan2015-06-26
9 ball (a,a)(a,a)(a,a)(a,a)(a,0)11 catches Ethan2015-08-20
9 ball (ax,8)*20 catches Lukedaviesss2016-08-19
9 ball (ax,8x)19 catches SimonaCampo2011-01-19
9 ball [32t2t2t]8 catches Ethan2015-07-08
9 ball [333]14 catches Ethan2015-07-07
9 ball [333] Mills Mess9 catches Ethan2015-07-10
9 ball a8911 catches Ethan2015-08-21
9 ball cascade102 catches Matan Presberg2017-06-27
9 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head11 catches peterbone2017-03-10
9 ball cascade isolated9 catches Heydar2017-02-23
9 ball half shower19 catches Jack Denger2020-03-16
9 ball reverse cascade25 catches Ethan2015-07-30