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277 catches Ilia Poliakov2020-12-18

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RecordWho byDate
277 catches Ilia Poliakov2020-12-18not fast, but without metronom
270 catches Ilia Poliakov2020-12-14best - i did 320 catches in metronome 270
260 catches Ilia Poliakov2020-12-13real -10
245 catches Ilia Poliakov2020-08-30without metronome
230 catches Ilia Poliakov2020-08-27
225 catches Ilia Poliakov2020-08-26rings are not my equipment, so the hardest for me - not to drop)
205 catches Ilia Poliakov2020-08-25
200 catches Ilia Poliakov2020-08-14