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55 catches 7b_wizard2017-06-09
15 catches Ilia Poliakov2017-06-11

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RecordWho byDate
55 catches 7b_wizard2017-07-24confirming last. clean this time.
15 catches Ilia Poliakov2017-06-11
55 catches 7b_wizard2017-06-0914 rounds, starting from launched 52567, into one last drop on collect.
44 catches 7b_wizard2017-04-2911 `sides´. Last ball bumped from (correct) catchhand weakhand over to stronghand caught.
40 catches 7b_wizard2017-03-06From 52567-launch to clean collect.
33 catches 7b_wizard2017-02-14from launch to clean collect. just +1 on last PR.
32 catches 7b_wizard2016-09-08Eight sides of 52567 from launch to clean collect. Ensuring clean collect in good controlled pattern. Beating a same stint's previous new PR of 24 c cl (6 sides).
21 catches 7b_wizard2016-08-15Confirming last best.
21 catches 7b_wizard2016-07-3152567 from launch to clean collect.
20 catches 7b_wizard2016-07-21
16 catches 7b_wizard2016-07-15Four ``sides´´ of 52567 for once gotten clean collected w/ appropriate hands + confirmed within same stint.