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3 club solo records
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RecordWho byDate
101 catches Austin2017-02-26
70 catches Ilia Poliakov2018-09-15
27 catches Heydar2015-02-07
23 catches Rob van Heijst2013-11-30

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RecordWho byDate
70 catches Ilia Poliakov2018-09-15
101 catches Austin2017-02-26Kinda gave up due to aching arms.
64 catches Austin2016-09-05Nice and smooth now.
47 catches Austin2016-08-02
50 catches Ilia Poliakov2016-05-23is it the same as penguin catches?
30 catches Austin2016-05-21
27 catches Heydar2015-02-07back to cascade
20 catches Heydar2014-12-12
15 catches Heydar2014-11-17
13 catches Heydar2014-11-03
6 catches Heydar2014-09-21back to cascade
23 catches Rob van Heijst2013-11-30lazies