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DavidCain -

Okay. Here's my Christmas gift to the juggling community: the 4 part video tour of the Museum of Juggling History.

Kelhoon - - Parent

Thanks David,

I've finally finished watching all 4, I quite enjoyed them.

Two (hopefully) constructive comments:

1) Use a high resolution scanner to digitise all that printed material and upload it somewhere, make sure it goes in to the wayback machine (aka archive.org)
2) You had some good stories about most of the exhibits, write them down, print them out and put them beside the respective exhibit.

If I ever visit the US again, I think I'd quite enjoy stopping by to check the museum out in person.


Juggle on,


Little Paul - - Parent

It’s taken me ages to find the time to watch all four of these, but I’m glad I got to it eventually. I knew you had a lot of kit, but hadn’t really appreciated just how much!

I hope I’ll get to see it it person at some point!

mike.armstrong - - Parent

I've (finally!) finished watching all of these - thanks very much David


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