Another great edition of DJCC!

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CameronFord -

Another great edition of DJCC!
Arrived on the Friday evening and had fun hanging out, playing some dobble and doing a little bit of juggling in the hub.
Got a good night's sleep in a dorm room and woke up ready for some juggling on Saturday.
The venue on Saturday is really good, with squash courts for workshops, a nice big main hall and a side hall as well if the main hall is too busy.
I started off with some hoop passing before moving on to club passing. Managed to juggle a pattern I recently came up with:
Finished the day with some ring passing.
Went into town for some food before the show.
The show was amazing this year - best one day convention show I can remember for a long time. The headline act did some very impressive unicycling and rola bola.
Lisa Ellipse was amazing <3
Keith and Antonia had some really nice flowy acts and the compare did a great job.
Looking forward to next year already!

#DJCC2022 #ConventionReview

momo - - Parent

It is nice to see Andy juggling.


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