The algorithms very much want me to buy one of these 'high-tech' magic flying…

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pumpkineater23 -

The algorithms very much want me to buy one of these 'high-tech' magic flying balls. They look like the kind of thing that's sure to break within a few days, but I do wonder if they could be juggled? Has anyone tried one (or preferably three)?

Mïark - - Parent

I found a pair in a charity shop maybe a year ago and like you thought they would be very interesting to juggle, so bought another two on-line. They were only £5-6 on-line (or £2 second hand) then, you might be able to get them for less than £15 still.
Trying to juggle them is very exciting, they are lightweight and have almost no incentive to stay upright. Any deviation from upright causes them to go suddenly sideways and you are chasing them across the room like a stray bounce juggling ball.
I plan to try adding a small weight to the bottom to see if that keeps them more vertical without damaging lift, but haven't got round to it yet as there is only limited space in my juggling bag. They look as robust as you might expect a disposable child's toy, they also fly different heights depending on how recently they were recharged - from memory something like 5 mins flight after 15 mins charging.
I might try to bring them to Leeds convention on Saturday if I have space (and can remember where I put them).

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Thanks. I suspected they might not be as stable as they appear in the various advertisement videos. Interesting that you thought of modifying them.. I'm curious to see how that turns out!


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