Records by Janion

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TrickRecordWho byDate
3 ball cascade blind206 catches Janion2009-11-15
4 ball in one hand13 catches Janion2010-01-22
4 ball 63394 catches Janion2009-12-28
4 ball 6631208 catches Janion2010-08-23
4 ball fountain with a club balanced on the head30 catches Janion2012-02-23
5 ball 645181 catches Janion2010-08-23
5 ball 74448 catches Janion2010-06-12
5 ball 757163 catches Janion2010-10-22
5 ball 9753150 catches Janion2011-09-12
5 ball b17112 catches Janion2012-04-05
5 ball cascade756 catches Janion2010-10-28
5 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head5 catches Janion2010-03-24
5 ball cascade penguin catches6 catches Janion2011-06-01
5 ball Mills Mess28 catches Janion2010-12-29
6 ball 75618 catches Janion2010-10-09
6 ball 77777160 catches Janion2011-04-02
6 ball b9753112 catches Janion2011-08-20
6 ball fountain102 catches Janion2011-05-01
6 ball half shower102 catches Janion2012-03-23
6 ball wimpy217 catches Janion2012-03-23
7 ball (8x,6)*27 catches Janion2011-10-21
7 ball cascade111 catches Janion2012-03-23
8 ball fountain17 catches Janion2012-04-02
8 ball wimpy22 catches Janion2012-04-04
9 ball cascade13 catches Janion2010-05-11
3 club back crosses8 catches Janion2012-03-28
4 club fountain singles123 catches Janion2010-10-15
4 club fountain singles with a club balanced on the head4 catches Janion2010-03-27
5 club cascade52 catches Janion2012-03-12
5 club cascade singles11 catches Janion2012-02-04
6 club fountain doubles8 catches Janion2012-02-15
4 ring fountain183 catches Janion2011-08-20
6 ring fountain13 catches Janion2010-06-23