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TrickRecordWho byDate
3 ball [44]040126 catches creative2015-06-17
3 ball in one hand40 catches creative2015-06-11
3 ball 423 clawed86 catches creative2015-06-17
3 ball 53127 catches creative2015-07-14
3 ball cascade22:15 creative2015-04-28
3 ball cascade clawed164 catches creative2015-05-04
3 ball cascade over head80 catches creative2015-07-02
3 ball cascade penguin catches49 catches creative2015-07-02
3 ball cascade with crossed arms142 catches creative2015-05-07
3 ball Mills Mess216 catches creative2015-06-12
3 ball Mills Mess clawed6 catches creative2015-06-16
3 ball reverse cascade clawed62 catches creative2015-06-16
3 ball under the legs3 catches creative2015-05-24
3 ball windmill900 catches creative2015-06-17
4 ball 0[44]4 catches creative2015-05-31
4 ball columns clawed8 catches creative2015-06-10
4 ball fountain1068 catches creative2015-05-15
4 ball half shower324 catches creative2015-06-11
4 ball reverse fountain105 catches creative2015-06-16
4 ball shower46 catches creative2015-06-05
5 ball cascade37 catches creative2015-06-04
5 ball half shower13 catches creative2015-05-21
5 ball splits122 catches creative2015-06-03
6 ball fountain6 catches creative2015-05-22
3 club cascade330 catches creative2015-05-21
3 ring cascade239 catches creative2015-04-27
3 ball shower68 catches creative2015-05-04